Buying Guide to Silver Cutlery

If your looking to buy a flatware service for the first time, it can sometimes be daunting. A Silver Cutlery service is a purchase for life, something that should be used regularly and last forever.

A set of cutlery is a traditional, quintessential gift. It is often cherished for generations, well used and handed down. A good set of silver cutlery is the perfect addition to any house that entertains at the table.

With over forty years of experience, and undoubtedly the best selection of antique silver cutlery on the market our unrivalled stock, located in the London Silver Vaults is second to none.

When buying a set for the first time, there are a few things you should consider. Please see the appropriate steps below to get started in your silver cutlery endeavour.

What you should consider:

First and foremost, quality. This is the most important factor when buying a canteen. Having specialised in Silver Flatware for so long, we know what sets a good canteen from the rest. Because we only buy stock of the highest standard and quality, you'll be in safe hands choosing any of our cutlery sets.

Next up, is to find a pattern that suits your taste. Having unquestionably the largest and best quality selection in this niche marketplace makes that part easy for you. It can be done on the website, here. Don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find what you were looking for, as we can most probably help.

Then, you should consider how many place settings you would like your service to have. The most common variation is twelve, however sets in all sizes are available, depending on your request.

Finally, you should contemplate how many pieces your place setting should have. Canteens come in many configurations. Some place settings come with additional fish and/or entree knives & forks. Some include serving pieces, and others don't. You should think about which of these matter most to you.

It really is that simple, browse our selection now to find something for you.