Old English

Old English is the most classic British flatware pattern. It was first produced around 1760 and has continually been made from then up to the present day. Georgian Old English (pre 1840's) has a typically flatter stem and a more delicate balance. Victorian & Edwardian Old English on the other hand has a rounder stem resulting in a slightly heavier feel.

Old English Thread

Old English Thread is a slightly more decorative variant of Old English, dating from the late 18th Century. It follows the same simplistic silhouette, while incorporating a finely chased thread. It is found in two variants. Double struck; with lines on both sides and single struck; where the thread appears on the front only.


Deriving it's name from it's fiddle-shaped handle, Fiddle Pattern is one of the major designs in British Flatware. Early examples can be found from the Roman period, however it was the mid 18th Century when it first became popular in England, the design originating from France.

Fiddle & Thread

Dating from about 1805, this is one of the most popular basic variants of Fiddle Pattern. Double struck services have the thread on both sides of the pattern, whereas a single struck service will have it only on the front.

Fiddle, Thread & Shell

Fiddle Thread & Shell is one of the most elaborate variants of Fiddle Pattern. It can be found in three styles, where the pattern differs slightly on the back. The most common type is a diamond heel, though it can also be found with both a thread heel or a union shell.


Rattail Pattern gets it's name from the hand forged ridge on the back of the spoon, quite literally resembling a rat's tail. It follows the same simplistic shape as Old English, but with an elevated ridge along the front of the cutlery. A very smart look.


Elizabethan Pattern is a 19th Century design, first produced in about 1850. The decoration on the front and back of the stem resembles style from the renaissance period. The name resulting from Queen Elizabeth I, who ruled during this time.

Art Deco & Modern

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